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USC Coach Brad Keller Talks

This month, the Match Point Podcast guest is University of Southern California Women's Volleyball Coach Brad Keller on March 6, 2021.

Our talk is framed around the idea that nothing in life is wasted. The idea originated from a geographic documentary where a large beast dies from a natural cause and is seen by hikers. Only a few weeks later, the hikers return to find the beast completely eaten by insects. The narrator says, "nothing in nature is wasted it gives back to give life to other species."

This idea will be the back story in our talk with Coach Keller. Coach Brad will share his wisdom about events in his journey that have given life to new adventures.

Learn the thoughts of a D1 coach thinks and apples life's lessons to his life.

We will record the podcast on March 6 and make it available next week so watch for updates.

Future guest will include some powerful voices of volleyball:

Coach Kelly Sheffield, University of Wisconsin

Coach Giovanna Melo, Cal State Bakersfield

Coach Larry Wrather, Fort Valley State, Georgia

Coach Nickie Sanlin, McKenree State University

Coach Tom Black, Georgia State volleyball

There are other guests that you will enjoy listening to and learning from their experience.

We are NU Breed.

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