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Uncertainty, Wombs & Creativity

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Uncertainty is the womb of creativity. The future of many things are not clear, and this includes the junior girl's volleyball club season.

Only when we become comfortable with uncertainty can we give birth to something better from the infinite possibilities woven into creation.

NU Breed believes a better option is programmed into every event. The year 2020 is no exception.

Think of times in your life when a situation occurred beyond the norm, and something better came about. We could name many instances because this is how life works.

I believe this COVID-19 has been a blessing in disguise for our American education system. Our learning model had changed little since 1867, when the Department of Education was established with minor exceptions.

Let me explain. A year ago, no one imagined we would be doing distance learning. Most of us thought it would be business as usual. Learners would come to school and sit at desks and learn. This is how we educate. Its a familiar model, with retirement a few years away, so why rock the boat?

Then COVID-19 disrupts life, and Distance Learning and Learning Facilitators working from home is the new norm for now.

Can you agree with NU Breed that life is anything but fixed?

The only thing we are sure about is that life is uncertain.

The upcoming junior girl's volleyball is full of uncertainties, but we know that uncertainty is the womb of creativity.

Our partner organizations are reimagining what the club and tournament season will look like this next year.

SCVA has produced an innovative schedule with minimal season overlap with school sporting events. I'm sure other sports organizations will do the same.

NU Breed will creatively work toward a joint flexibility model with schools so that athletes can participate in both high school and club sports. NU Breed believes athletes' participation in high school sports has value. NU Breed does not want to move towards a European model where sports are solely played in a club.

SCVA is working on a unique per tournament payment rather than paying for the entire tournament season, as was the practice before COVID-19. This is a result of feedback from club directors after last season's closure.

SCVA is working on a new refund policy to distribute before the new club season. The lack of one caused hardship for clubs. No one anticipated a pandemic.

NU Breed appreciates how hard the SCVA staff is working to improve service to the volleyball community. Even though the staff is furloughed, they are working to make the upcoming club season a positive experience for all of us.

It is moments like these that not only call out the best in us. It calls out the unknown hidden within us.

Is it scary? Sure it is. Stepping into uncertainty always is, but that is where our greatness awaits.

Here is a link to register for NU Breed tryouts/signups

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