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True, Untruths, And Questions

The new club season advertisement and recruitment has started. It is an exciting time for clubs, athletes, and parents alike. We want everyone to enjoy the process of finding a club that will be a good fit for them.

If you want information about NU Breed Tryouts, connect with us directly. We are here to answer questions. We know there will be a few in this unique year.

One frequently asked is, how will the club season affect the high school season in December?

The organizations we partner with are not scheduling tournaments during most of the high school volleyball season. There are no club tournaments during December and most of January.

This scheduling allows room for athletes to play a long time tradition of playing for their high school team.

I was told by someone that SCVA Tryouts for 14U's in October.

Yes, that is true but untrue. SCVA Tryouts for 14U's are in October, but it's not valid for non-SCVA teams. NU Breed 12U's, 14U's, and 16's will play the local AAU tournament season, which permits Tryouts on September 26. We include signups for our Volleytot program that day too.

For questions about NU Breed Tryouts and club season, contact us directly.

Do VolleyTots play tournaments?

No, VolleyTots practice weekly but do not play tournaments. The VolleyTots dominate their volleyball world. They remain undefeated since 2018 in scrimmages against our older teams.

How many teams do you plan to have, and how many athletes per team?

We plan to have VolleyTots, 12U, 14U, 16U, 17U, and 18U's. We will have a maximum of ten athletes per team. Ten athletes per team allow for more opportunities for athletes to earn playing time. It also makes attendance at practice important.

How much playing time will my daughter get?

NU Breed does promise playing time. Playing time is earned in practice.

At NU Breed, we honor the struggle.

NU Breed practices are competitive from the beginning to the end. The athletes compete against the game and themselves on each play during practice. This type of competition produces positive results and is in the control of each athlete. It also has teammates cheering for each other and helping each other get better. It reduces drama and builds team bonding.

What are the parents like?

We have the best and most supportive parents of any club. Hands down, they are tops. No one asked about the parents, but we like to brag about them any chance we get.

We look forward to having you check out NU Breed as a club. Go to our website and register for tryouts.

Here are links to the necessary paperwork


To help make registration user friendly, we labeled the forms by team level. Please review them to complete the correct documents.

VolletTots will complete the following forms.

  1. Athlete Profile Form

  2. Medical release form

  3. Commitment Letter

  4. NU Breed Registration-Link Provided

  5. Payment Agreement (see administrator)

  6. McDermont X Membership Form and picture ID

12U, 14U, and 16U

  1. Athlete profile form.

  2. Medical release form

  3. Commitment Letter (Not yet available)

  4. NU Breed Registration-Link Provided