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Trigger And Winning Parts

There are four parts of winning that every athlete needs to understand. They are talent, competitiveness, being intelligence, and resilience.

Everyone has talent. People are born with the ability to do a skill. The talent part is the largest of the group and nothing special. Talent is overrated because winning consistently on talent alone is not possible. It's a starting point.

The second element to winning is intelligence. Intelligent people are the ones who work hard to maximize their talent. So many talented and intelligent athletes never win because having these two gives you a better chance to win, but you need the other parts to win consistently.

The next part is being competitive. You can have talent and be smart, but without competitiveness, you can't win. These athletes know that they have to fight to win. No one is going to hand them a win. Unfortunately, this is where many people lose. They talk a good talk but follow through. They lack the killer instinct. Some people can see blood, but few can smell it.

You can have talent and combine it with intelligence and competitiveness and be very good. But to win consistently, you need to add resilience.

Resilence is staying in the fight when fear is telling you to quit. It's the ability to know that things could go wrong but still focus on what can go right. Resilience is that dark drug inside that tells you to keep pressing forward.

At NU Breed, we teach all four parts needed to win on and off the court. First, every day in your life will require you to be resilient. Be it health, financial, or relationship challenges; you will need to be resilient.

Wining in life and on the court is not easy; you need to have all four parts of winning into your inner world. But, regardless of the traffic that comes into your life, you have the tools for winning.

I include a video of Trigger Lopez, who had a successful volleyball career at the University Of Maint at Fort Kent. She had her son as a senior in high school.

Trigger is an RN and owns a home and a rental property. She is twenty-four years old. Resilience is her life story.

I am so proud of her.

Trigger is NU Breed material; she's the rumor of something good.

This is Trigger training in 109-degree weather to prepare for her volleyball season in Maine.

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