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Treat Every Promise As Important

Someone once said people with good intentions make promises. People of good character keep them.

We live in a culture that allows us to break our word or be late to things. Broken promises become the material by which we build our reputation with other people and create an internal structure for your life.

It becomes who we are as a person. It is our character.

Commitments are a test of your character. It's a chance to prove that who you are is bigger than the current culture.

To be great requires you to break away from the average life patterns found in today's culture. You build the internal virtues and characteristics you need to live a life that matters by keeping your promises.

Treat every promise as important. Even the ones you don't feel like keeping. You are setting a life pattern for your soul that will help you keep the promises you want to keep. When you honor your word, you build a resiliency muscle.

Keeping your promise may be hard, but it strengthens the resiliency muscle needed to live a life that matters and forever marks human history.

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