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Tragedy & Beauty Collide-Update

NU Breed Tribe,

I hope this letter finds everyone healthy and making the most of this growth opportunity. I want to update you on where we stand on the club season but add some texture to the story with words of encouragement.

Currently, the SCVA leadership is hoping to continue tournament play when it is safe to resume. They have been laboring to develop an adjusted schedule. I do not know what that will look like at this point, but I am staying in contact for updates regularly. They have moved the Las Vegas tournaments to two dates in June.

The JVA West Coast Cup at Long Beach for our 18's and 16's is active on Memorial Day weekend.

I am in communication with AAU Area Commissioner, James Lanier, concerning our 14's tournaments. We plan to host matches at our practice facility, McDermont X, when safe to resume play.

I am hoping to resume practice and play soon. I will post updates on the website and in our weekly newsletter. (It is emailed every Tuesday at 10 AM.)

You may continue to make payments or wait until I have more definitive news. SCVA and NCVA are working on refunding a portion of our fees and may come in the form of a credit toward future events. Regardless, they have communicated that it will be a lengthy process and ask for our patience.

I want to offer some thoughts that I hope will be encouraging. All of us have anchors in our life for daily living or in times of uncertainty. My faith is that for me, so I offer a perspective on the current pandemic.

We recently celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus, who we believe is the Messiah. The narrative is a fantastic story, God wrapped Himself in a human canvas in the person of Jesus. God's intent was to romance us with His love through Jesus and rescue us from our destructive habits. He wanted to save us from ourselves. Humanity rejected God's romance and crucified Jesus on a cross.

Imagine that, the rejection of a Divine romance? Scripture says that God will make all things beautiful in time (Ecclesiastes 3:11). The crucifixion of Jesus is the intersection where tragedy and beauty collide.

At this moment, where tragedy and beauty collide, God changes the story and sets a pattern for life. The cross, once an instrument of death, is worn by many as a symbol of hope and love. It's a declaration that out of every tragedy, God will create something of beauty.

The cross is the place where beauty and tragedy are wedded and can never be separated. Never.

The cross is the place tragedy and beauty are forever connected. Whenever you face a difficult moment in life, the beauty always follows tragedy. They are inseparable.

As we navigate this world-wide pandemic, may we find hope in the story of the cross, that God will turn the tragedy of the season into something of beauty.

Coach Job Lara

NU Breed Volleyball Club

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