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To Hell and Back

I had a great conversation with Coach Charita Stubbs from the University of Arizona on our recent Match Point Podcast.

Coach Charita shares her journey to Division 1 volleyball. Her world ripped apart at the age of ten when she tragically lost her father. Yet, left to a mother who battled the demons of addiction—a mother whom she loved deeply.

She doesn't know how she ended up being recruited by Arizona until years later. A friend drove her to the airport, not her family, which is an essential part of her story.

Her story got better.  She has a successful career as an athlete at Arizona. Life was on the upswing, and she had the dream job as head coach at a Division 1 program.

Difficult times hit her again as a coach, but she also discovers a hidden secret about her mom. Her heart breaks once again. 

To help and back best describes Coach Stubbs's


Listen to her story. You will be rewarded if you do.

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