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Throwing Up, Radio Waves, And Why's

Many have seen the videos and asked, "do I make him train so hard that he throws up?" Or "is it necessary and safe for you to train someone so hard that they get physically sick every time?" The answer is, no, I don't and can't force anyone to train that hard. I do provide the workouts and then ask them to train to be as good as they want to be.

Moi, the young man in the latest videos, intends to dominate in football season this year. He's training to make his dream a reality. Of course, I challenge and encourage him to empty his tank every training session. The rest is up to him.

We start the workouts by asking himself the question, "how good do I want to be?" He answers that by how hard he pushes his mind, body, and spirit.

I know this will never make sense to some, but that's ok; it's not their dream. The essential part of Moi's story is what you can't see.

Let me explain. A mobile device that many will use to read this story uses radio waves to operate. You can't see the radio waves, but they are the most crucial part of making mobile devices work.

The essential part of WHY Mio and NU Breed athletes train so hard isn't visible: their dreams, passions, and desires.

What's your, why?

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