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They Did It Together

Lately, we have had several former athletes come to visit our NU breed practices. They share their story and wisdom of what they learned. We love that they feel comfortable coming home.

It's always good when family comes home. Whether you're a former player whose playing days are fading or still evolving, we welcome you home.

One common thread that weaves its way through their story is the bond they share. We always ask why? What makes them feel this bond and sense of family?

The athletes affectionately refer to stories of the police getting called on us on Todds Hill at 5 AM. We conditioned on the hill carrying a log over our heads.

They told about the fear that gripped them when a ball hit the floor. One said, "I just ran to the line because I knew what was going to happen next. We ran until Coach Job got tired. Only he wasn't running with us."

One told the story of when we were doing a team camp in Southern California, and she hurt her knee. She fell to the floor in pain. "Coach Job was yelling at me, get off the court! Get off the court! You're going to mess up the drill! I crawled off the court."

In an interview with a reporter, Coach Tsuboi was asked the secret to our success, and she said, "practice. The way we practice. What others call hell we call practice." Coach Tsuboi is a former player of mine on a Championship team.

One player, Hailey Ann Wilson, diving on the concrete floor at Long Beach and ripping the skin off both knees, and the trainer treating her wounds asked why she did that? Her response, "because thats how we play. My teammates expect that of me. I won't let them down because they would do it for me."

The universal claim is that Coach has gotten soft. Not true. Once you have gone through brutal practices, they seem easy. As we like to say, "once you have been through a NU Breed practice everything else is life is easy."

Let's get back to the question of the special bond the former athletes feel. We believe it is because they suffered together. They battled each practice together. They felt pain together. They refused to miss practice because they didn't want to let their teammates down.

We can conclude that this extraordinary bond results from the commitment to being there for each other in the most challenging times. 

They knew that they could face anything because they did it together.

Together, we are NU Breed.

Welcome home!

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