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The Text That Fuels Everything

Words have power. Change your words, change your life.

Never use words to describe a challenging situation. Instead, use words to change your perspective on a difficult situation.

Our first season ended, and we were happy with our efforts. We were far from perfect, but athletes got better, and that was our primary goal. The challenges came in a myriad of colors and textures.

We asked ourselves, "what now?"

Then we received a text that read:

"I believe in you guys. NU Breed will grow and double in size next year. You guys are doing a great job."

We did double in size, as the text said.

Those simple words have been the source of courage and fuel to continue to work to have a club that has value for athletes and parents.

We can use the power of words for good or for evil. Words can build up, or they can destroy. Use the power of your words to build others up and what is helpful at their time of need.

Thank you, Amalia. Your text was timely, and I know your affirming words echo in eternity. 

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