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The Story You Tell Matters

NU Breed created something positive out of a negative reality.

Life is about interpretation. We can view the recent pandemic as a tragedy, a crisis that killed many people and lost economic security.

Or you can look at the crisis as one of the best moments in the human story. It was a story where people isolated and gave up their livelihood for the safety of people they didn't know. We fought this unseen virus together.

The story you tell matters. 

One story tells of strong and creative people that find solutions to a crisis and build a better world, how people did not deny the situation but could see a positive outcome out of a negative reality.

The other story permits people to wallow in the current misery and gives them an option to be victims.

One story gives people the power to change their situation and build a better world. The other story strops people of hope for change.

One story expands people's lives and elevates their hope. The other tale makes people's world small.

The story you tell matters. 

The person who tells a better but truthful story will shape the future.

The type of person you want to be will form the story you tell. The story you tell will empower people to create a better future or make them victims of circumstances.

I am more confident than ever that humans will always find a solution to any crisis and create a better world.

Never underestimate the power of human ingenuity, mindset, and resourcefulness in finding a positive new reality.

In a year, we reshaped how we do life and work. Humans are amazing.

With the help of voices of profound simplicity like Sai Kelovilaysane, NU Breed will adopt different financial strategies and priorities to serve our athletes and families better. We will go through another crisis in the future, and we want to be prepared to survive it and be better after the crisis.

The story you tell and what you see matter because it will affect every decision you make and what you build. NU Breed wants to impact the next 1000 years.

We are NU Breed the rumor of something good.

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