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The Spotlight

It's the Same Light

Imagine these scenarios for a moment. There is a noise above slapping the night sky, and it's the whirl of propellers from a helicopter. A light beam spills into the night upon two men in different locations and times. But each receives the light differently.


To the first man, it's a saving light. He is clinging to a piece of wood in the ocean and is about to drown. He welcomes the light because it means he is rescued from death. He is relieved and happy.

In the second scenario, the same slapping sound is heard by a man in the night. Yet, this man doesn't welcome but fears the light. He does everything he can to hide from the light. He is a thief and doesn't want the light to find him. It will mean his capture.

The light is neutral, but each person gives it a different meaning. So it is with events in our life, they are neutral, but we give them meaning.

Think about your life. Do you welcome the light of truth and wisdom, or do you hide from it?

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