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The Present Is A Womb Or A Grave

As humans, we do not have a perception of time; we have a perception of change. If change does not happen, we feel as though we wasted time.

The 20/21 Junior Girls Volleyball Club season is underway. It is a movement of victory in the annals of history. We are pleased with the response of those who stepped in their future, not just tomorrow. There is a difference.

I've had to change my diet to a plant-based diet. Initially, there's an excitement about it—new types of food experiences and discovering different tastes and textures. But after a while, it seems like I'm eating the same meal every meal; I am stuck in time.

Life in 2020 can feel this way. We can feel stuck in time.

We can live a thousand tomorrows and never step into our future. As a result, people begin to lose hope. I am meeting with people who are losing hope. Depression and despair will continue to grow within individuals without hope. Because hope only exists in the future.

The antidote is to take a stand at this moment. We need to create the life we want. And never before in our life is this a clarion call to break this illusion that time is still.

Remember, we have a perception of change, not time.

Time is moving from the future to the present and into the past. You can not stop time. If you live with the illusion that the present isn't connected to your future, you waste time. It becomes your reality, and you feel trapped in time. In truth, everything in our present connects you to your future.

Now is the time to dig into your future. My concern in 2020 is that we have hunkered down beyond being safe but surrendered to fear and doubt. Fear and doubt create a futureless tomorrow. They are soft material to create a future.

However, if you take bold steps into uncertainty, Press courageously into the unknown. The future cannot be known because it hasn't been created yet. But the future is as real and permanent as the past. We live between two dimensions a history that will not change and a future that must be created.

The present is either a womb or a grave. When you live in the past, your present becomes a grave where you bury your future. But when you are making positive changes, your present becomes a womb that gives birth to a beautiful future.

Two monks were walking down a path. One was a young monk learning about life from the seasoned mentor. They came to a large puddle of muddy water where a young woman dressed nicely wanted to cross but not get dirty. The elder monk picked the young woman up and carried her over the puddle. The two continued on their journey without a word. As they reached their destination, the younger monk said, Master, you picked up the young woman and carried her over the puddle, which is forbidden by our teachings; why? The elder said, "my son, I picked up the young girl and carried her over the water, and I left her there. You, my son, are still carrying her."

I want to be a voice that warns people not to carry 2020 into the future. If we do, we will soon feel the weight of the prison we created for ourselves by our choices today.

It is much easy to build healthy junior female athletes than to try and heal broken adults. The choices we make today matter.

NU Breed wants to be a positive choice today to help teach athletes how to build a future.

Joining the NU breed is bigger than volleyball. It's about faith, hope, and courage to build the future we want. Anyone can teach volleyball, but few can teach others about creating a future. 

Evaluate your life. What fuels your life today, fear, and doubt? Angry at events of last year? Or hope, faith, and courage? If you are filled with the former, you have material to step into tomorrow but not your future. When hope, courage, and faith is your current fuel, you have the material to step into your future.

It's about change, not about wasting time. It's about hope and a future.