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The Power of Process

"You are clapping at the wrong thing, the hit. You're happy about the hit, but you should be clapping at everything before the hit. You're inconsistent because your system is wrong. There's nothing more damaging to your growth, or any athlete's growth than having success doing it the wrong way." This conversation is one I had with an athlete.

Are you tired of being inconsistent in your game? You are FRUSTRATED because your practices don't bring you the results you want? Have you lost the love for the sport? Is playing the competition become a chore? This is the effect of an outcome-based approach.

As you can see in the video below, we have athletes that go through intense praxis training in hot weather because they are pleased with their improvement. We had June training spaces locked up in a few hours. July is almost full. What's the secret? How does NU Breed training help athletes elevate their game?

At NU Breed, we teach the POWER OF THE PROCESS to reach your goals. Most coaches focus on outcomes and miss the value of the process to execute consistently. Every athlete has goals, but not all have success. Why? The successful athletes are obsessed with process.

If you are not reaching your goals, reviews your process. Adjust your process as needed to improve. At NU Breed, our method can look extreme and feel like hell. But when you repeat enough times, it feels normal. Hailey Tsuboi, while a high school athlete once commented to a sportswriter in an interview when asked the key to our success, "what people call hell we call the practice." The athletes became comfortable in a rigorous system of training.

Average athletes focus on results, while successful athletes fall in love with the process. At NU Breed, we will decondition you from outcome-based to a process-based mindset from which you will derive intrinsic value from the training. The process becomes the reward.

The results will make you smile.

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