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The Power Of Forgiveness

One of the things we long for the most gives us the most fear; friendships.

There is not a single person alive that doesn't want a friend. We have an internal magnet that draws us to other humans. But, there has never been a person alive who hasn't found building connections with others frustrating.

Why is it so hard to build good friendships?

Because people will hurt us, wound us, and betray us.

But hurting makes us beautifully human. Pain shapes us into the people we want to be.

Making friends is like baking a cake. You have many ingredients mixed in a pan that you put in a hot oven. After a short time, you have a tasty cake.

Friendships are the same. You have ingredients that you mix and put in some heat, and soon you enjoy some enjoyable connections with others.

Two of those ingredients are forgiveness and faith.

Forgiveness is an act of strength. You release people from the guilt they feel for hurting you. When you forgive, you empower them to change. You release them from being defined by a bad moment in their life.

Faith is another ingredient. When you forgive someone who hurt you, you are saying, "I have faith in you to change. I have faith that you are bigger than your failure. I have faith to believe that your past is not your future. I have faith to believe that an awful moment in your life will not define you."

It is about faith in you. When you forgive others, you are saying, "I am stronger than any wounds or pain that come my way."

In a world that teaches to hold people to their worst moments, we at NU Breed teach about forgiveness and faith, and change.

We are NU Breed, the rumor of something good.

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