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The Extreme Measures Of God-Easter

If you believe in the story of the person of Jesus Christ, you are out of your mind. To believe his story is to violate everything reasonable.

Seven hundred forty years before Jesus stepped into the human experience, God said we would have trouble believing the story of Jesus. The prophet Isaiah wrote:

"Who believes what we've heard and seen? Who would have thought God's saving power would look like this?" Isaiah 53:1

God showed His power to the world in a way we did not expect. He showed his power in the brutal beating of Jesus, who ended up dead on the cross.

We are okay with the idea of God and Jesus, but the cross is troubling. The cross bothers us because we know that Jesus's death on the cross is not a reflection of God but of us. 

Doctors take extreme measures to save a patient's life who is in critical condition. When we hear stories of what doctors did to save someone's life, we know that person was in trouble.

If the brutal beatdown and shaming of Jesus are what it took to give us life, we know that something was desperately broken within us. Our condition demanded God take extreme measures to provide us with life.

Our self-destructive habits made our condition critical, and we were losing our battle for life. Only extreme measures of Jesus dying on the cross would save our life. 

May Resurrection Sunday remind us of the extreme measures God did for us because He loves us.

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