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The Cry Of Fear

The covid episode taught us many lessons, but none important as the value of relationships.

The experts tell us about the harmful effects of social distancing. There is a movement to return students to the classroom. Virtual learning is not working well for everyone.

I talked with a friend and shared with me about her seventh-grade son, punching walls in moments of anger. He has never acted like this, and her heart is breaking. She can't wait to get her son back into a classroom. She said he needs his friends and classroom setting.

Another person told me about his disappointment in people of faith being afraid to attend services because of COVID. He believes they should trust God. He means well and is a person of character.

My response was, "they aren't afraid to die; they are scared of being alone or leaving their spouse alone.

A young person I know was contemplating ending her life. She felt that she was the only one going through hard times. Life would be better if she weren't around. She feared that she would suffer alone.

Once again, it's the cry of fear; being alone.

How fortunate we are to have a volleyball club that provides community, routine, physical activity, and a sense of accomplishment, which the experts say is essential to our health.

2020 taught us that we are designed for relationships and thrive in a community. We can face any future as long as we do not face it alone.

We are grateful for our parents, who help build a safe space for our athletes to connect. Thank you for making NU Breed Volleyball Club a voice of hope and a vision of what a healthy club looks like.

Happy New Year!

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