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The “Be My Best” Manifesto:

How I do anything is how I do everything. So “I can’t” doesn’t exist in my world. I am fit, healthy, and happy because I do. Perfection isn’t my goal. It’s giving it everything I’ve got. That’s good enough for me. And if that means failing, that means learning. Because I’ll always be growing and daring to be my best. So I refuse to be a passenger in it. I strive to make tomorrow better than today. I savor my successes. I learn from my mistakes. I embrace new challenges. And whatever life brings, I make it count. Because I’ll never give up on being the best version of myself. We are all meant to shine. So I do what I can to lead by example. I exercise because I enjoy it, not to repent my dietary sins. I seek balance in what I eat, not confining dogmatic diets. I find happiness in moments of mindfulness. I let myself be vulnerable. And I love who I am. Because the ultimate success in life is being my best self and knowing that that’s good enough. This life of mine is a privilege, not a right

Yuri Elkaim
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