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The Art Of Self-Mastery

Behind every expression of greatness is the art of self-mastery.

You cannot be an accomplished musician without the self-mastery of Johann Sabastian Bach. You cannot be a grand champion tennis player without the self-mastery of Serena Williams.

Simone Biles won her seventh US National Championship in gymnastics. You cannot be a great gymnast without Simone's self-mastery.

Behind every expression of greatness lies the art of self-mastery. Commit this to memory and practice.

It would be best if you mastered your emotions, or you become a slave to your feelings. Your feelings are unchecked will short circuit your performance.

It would help if you mastered your nutritional intake, or your body will betray you when you need the fuel to compete.

Remember this; your competition is your second opponent. Your first is yourself.

Until you learn to master yourself, you'll never become the person you want to become that shapes the athlete you want to be.

Behind every expression of greatness, there is the art of self-mastery.

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