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The 1% Tribe And Lamborghini's

Lamborghini doesn't advertise on TV because its target audience isn't sitting watching TV.

WOW! What an incredible statement. They have a clear image of who the people they want to attract.

NU Breed similarly looks for the people that want to join the 1% Tribe. Those who desire to train differently.

We attract athletes who want to become fierce competitors—athletes who will attend practice and give relentless effort on every play and have an excellent attitude.

For NU Breed warriors, our worst fear isn't losing but not being seen as dangerous in our opponents' eyes.

NU Breed is a peculiar athlete who knows how to find fuel to give her best when her fuel gauge reads empty.

We are that rare breed of athletes who learn to live like champions and embrace everything it takes to be the best.

Everybody wants a Lamborghini because of their value. Other clubs want to recruit NU Breed warriors because they see the beast NU Breed has created, but they can't build.

You will never see a Lamborghini on a discount isle because the value is in the car itself. Only 1% of the population in the USA drives a Lamborghini. The value of NU Breed training is in training itself.

Only 1% 'rs wear the NU Breed practice t-shirt.

Do you believe you are the 1% that make up the NU Breed Tribe?

If so, contact Janá at (562) 413-5695 or Or you may contact Coach Job at (562) 413-3444.

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