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Sunni's Fight

I was taught a lesson by a young athlete named Sunni. Here's the story, I was working in my office on a project that required me to use a stapler. I recently replaced the stapler, which I hadn't done for over ten years. I purchase a stapler that advertised less jamming. I was thrilled. It was working well for several weeks. On that day, I was ready to use it, and it didn't work. I put my mechanical engineer expertise to use with no results. I called for my daughter, Jana' to come and help me. She couldn't get it to work either.

I mentally reviewed the purchase of the new stapler and the promises from the salesperson, and my $12.00 investment. My attitude became sour, and I was irritated.

I continued my day with an attitude that the stapler gods had declared war against me.

Then it happened.

Sunni arrives and kills an intense volleyball training session in hot weather. She does it with a great attitude and an arresting smile. Sunni begins to feel sick, and I check on how she is feeling. She says she feels good and wants to continue. I tell her she needs to be mindful of her health; she has done enough. She protested to keep practicing, so I let her hit ten more. Sunni wants to hit another ten. I love her warrior spirit, but I make her stop. She doesn't look happy with me.

Sunni has epilepsy and suffers two seizures later that night.

I sat in my office, and I thought about how Sunni daily battles epilepsy but carries a healthy attitude and a fantastic smile. I can't imagine the mental, emotional, and physical strength it takes to fight epilepsy. Sunni courageously does it every day.

I gave my fight with a malfunctioning $12.00 stapler such weight in my life when Sunni struggles with seizures and possesses such a positive attitude. I was embarrassed and challenged at the same time.

There are facing many pressing issues in our world. COVID-19, a nation with an upset stomach and Sunni fighting epilepsy. A $12.00 stapler has me upset.

What's your $12.00 stapler that has turned your attitude sour? Let it go; there are others fighting more significant battles.

Sunni has added value to my life. Let's remember the Sunnis of this world that fight significant life battles before we let a $12.00 stapler get too heavy.

Did I mention she made the varsity cheer squad for her high school two days after her health episode?

Meet Sunni; the girl who daily erases the word impossible from her dictionary.

Grace and peace,

Coach Job

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