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Summer League Success 2021

We want to say thank you to everyone who made our first summer league popular. Out two teams have more athletes registered than our first year of NU Breed.

We played our first tournament this past weekend, and we learned a lot and what we need to do to play better.

We are teaching the basic skills of volleyball. Our goal this past weekend was to move to the ball and never let it hit the ground. The teams started with a bit of nervousness, but they calmed down and moved to the ball. The athletes got better with each play.

Coach Jazmin is excellent at teaching athletes the basic skills of volleyball. One parent complimented Coach Jazmin by comparing her to one of the best coaches of the past, Coach Nayeli Colunga.

Thank you once again for the kind words you shared with others about NU Breed.

We are NU Breed the rumor of something good.

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