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Storms, Roots, And Community

Well, well, well!

Here are the details for our club banquet for this exciting year. We want it to be a celebration of our resilience that allowed us to stand firm during the covid storm.

There was no essential decision more important than when we decided to become a community, a family. We knew we would be bigger than any moment as long as we did it together.

I discovered that the Giant Sequoias have a roots system that travels for miles and wraps around other roots from other Sequoias. The Sequoias weave their roots to gain strength. It is this root system that gives power to the tree to withstand the force of strong winds.

Our NU Breed family serves as the root system that gave us the strength to withstand the raging storm of the covid virus.

We look forward to having all our NU Breed family gather on May 25, 2021. Let's celebrate our connectedness.

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