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Sour Moments, Sucker Punched, And Superpowers

"What is rule number one? Don't let the ball hit the ground!"

"We don't want to stop the drill!"

"I learned I need to go for everything."

"I need to keep going, even if I think I'm tired."

"I thought I pushed myself well today."

"I need to work on my timing when hitting.."

These were the sounds of last night's first practice of the new club season. It was a magical night with lots of enthusiasm and energy. Its what junior girls volleyball should be.

I'm sure for the athletes; it was an escape from quarantine and the start of a new routine. It was about reconnecting to our original design as humans.

Day one of practice is more than volleyball. It is about creating opportunities. It is about taking responsibility to build the quality life you want.

A popular feed on social media was, "your parents were called to war. You are called to sit on your couch. You can do this!" I've never read such a dumb statement in my life.

Don't get t twisted. I'm not saying be irresponsible.

What I am saying is we are asking this generation to go against our natural design. We are designed for success and engineered for accomplishment. The failure to act upon our natural order leaves us frustrated, unsettled, and angry.

Day one of practice was about fighting back. It was about choosing growth over misery. It is about turning bad situations into better ones. Playing volleyball was a victory over fear and doubt.

They will remember their first practice during the COVID-19 episode for the rest of their lives. The day they choose to fight back in a back yard doing something they love, playing volleyball.

Volleyball was more than playing a sport. Volleyball practice was doing something the girls enjoy to heal a broken world. 

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