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Some Hurtful Rumors


want to talk about some circulating stories of uncertain truth; you know them as rumors. It needs to stop!

These are not stories about someone else that you retell. NO, what I am talking about are the rumors you tell yourself about yourself.

Stop it! Stop with the lies.

Your self-talk is negative. You tell yourself you are not enough.

You are not worthy.

You are not intelligent.

You have no value.

These rumors are ugly, untrue, and hurtful. If someone told you these things to your face, you would be mad.

If you had an expensive car and put dirty fuel in the tank, it would ruin the vehicle's performance. It is the same with you. You are valuable because there is only one you, and if you put the wrong fuel in the mental tank, it will affect your performance.

Rumors you tell yourself about yourself are lousy fuel.

God only says good things about you; why do you keep arguing with Him?

NU Breed coaches will never spread rumors about you, not even the ones you tell about yourself. The bad stories will stop with NU Breed coaches.

We will only tell you that you are NU Breed, the rumor of something good for 1000 years.

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