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Silent Screams, And Phantom's Opera

The Phantom of The Opera is one of my favorite Broadway musicals. When you first listen to the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber and hear the actors' screaming when signing, you question Webber's musical talent. You first don't notice the beautiful music sung.

However, once you understand the story, even the screaming makes sense.

Years ago, a young boy protested that his parents wouldn't allow him to go on school field trips because he would miss lunch. The school officials forced him onto the bus.

They arrived at the place and got everyone off the bus. They stood in order and entered a strange wooden building. An adult greeted them and told them to look away as they put a needle in their arms.

Many of the kids screamed out loud. Other kids screamed silently. It was a strange place with people they didn't know. The children didn't understand.

I'll never forget that day.

I told my mom about what happened and was surprised to discover she knew about it. I didn't get it.

My mom allowed me to go through this painful experience. I questioned her sanity and her love.

Many years later, when there was an outbreak of disease, I was not affected. It was then that the bus journey and the screams made sense.

No one can be certain why God allowed such a pandemic to affect the world. God does tell us that every event is pregnant with opportunities. The Apostle Paul writes, "We are confident that God is able to orchestrate everything to work toward something good and beautiful when we love Him and accept His invitation to live according to His plan." (Romans 8:28 Voice)

The writer is saying that it is the hardships of life that makes the journey beautiful.

We will continue to press forward and work to provide the best training possible and create an excellent experience for our athletes.

For now, our practices will be outdoors, although we are actively looking for an open-air pull-barn type building to use.

Someday we will understand the year 2020, and then our screams will make sense, but for now, we place our trust in God.

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