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She Was Going To End Her Life

She made one last call.

They answered, but she set the phone down.

She didn't intend to be around tomorrow. The darkness of her soul was too heavy.

She wanted the pain to end.

She couldn't see a better tomorrow.

Tay tells her story about the night she was going to take her life on our next Match Point Podcast. 

Janá tells of her talks with athletes who fee3l overwhelmed b life. She shares some practical ideas on how to help others struggling with depression and anxiety.

We are not health care professionals but storytellers. We do not give medical advice or claim to cure anything. We want to point people to resources that are available to help people who are struggling.

Depression and despair are projecting a negative outcome on your future. Depression and anxiety are a struggle for many people, so we felt a need to talk about it on our recent podcast.

In junior athletes, we see potential, talent, and opportunity. They enjoy a good life. But the next moment, they cannot think of a reason to live one more day.

If you do not struggle with the darkness of the soul, you probably know someone who does. How do you help? What do you say?

Listen to this podcast. We want to encourage you not to let your past pain keep you from your future healing.

As Janá says, "you are not alone. You matter. You are loved."

Look for updates on the podcast as the content is valuable.

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