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Seven Mile Crawl In 2021

Mark Lattrell and his SEAL teams We are conducting a military operation in Afghanistan where everything went wrong. It's a true story of survival and difficult choices, and the book is an honor to the brave SEALS who lost their lives.

It's an operation that does not goes as planned. It reflects life where it rarely goes as we plan. He is the Lone Survivor in this war of hell event. He fights off six enemy men until he is blown off a cliff. In the fall, he breaks his back and pelves and severely injured his knees. He is unable to walk.

The next part of the story is impressive but has some crucial lessons for us as we enter 2021. Mark Lattrell takes a stick, draws a line in the sand, and decides to crawl across that line. He repeats this same process for seven miles to a friendly village where he can get help.

I repeat, he crawled for seven miles, one arm's length at a time with the mindset of, "I just need to make it to that line."

Let this story of courage be your motivation for planning 2021; set a goal; for Marcus Latterll, it was seven miles away. But he did it one arm length at a time. He broke down his goal into smaller doable actions that would help him reach his long-term goal. Adopt his mindset; I need to make it to the line; determination.

I suggest you have long-term goals for 2021 but give your energy to short-term actions to help you reach your goals.

We got this NU Breed tribe; we will write an incredible story individually and as a club, crawling one arm length at a time.

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