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Seek and You Shall Find

Years ago, I was greeting church attendees at the end of the service when a woman rudely said, "I didn't get anything out of your message today. This is why I don't come to church, I never get anything out of it, and today was no different."

I responded, "mam, it is clear you did get something out of today's service. You came expecting nothing and received precisely that."

We will hear what we want to hear and see what we want to see. As we enter another time of closure, we can 

choose to see opportunities and possibilities or doom and gloom.

I was at the barbershop when I began to talk with a man waiting for a haircut. I noticed he had a positive attitude.

He was excited about the opportunities that the COVID-19 was going to provide for his remolding business. He said, "companies are allowing people to work from home, which creates the need to redesign office space. It also means people will build home offices too."

I thought that was brilliant. I am sure he will find remodeling projects because his mind is prepared to see them.

What are you looking for? You will find what you seek.

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