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SCVA Update 8/21/20

August 21, 2020

Club Directors, Coaches, Athletes, and Families,

 Commitment is the ability to stick with something long after the initial excitement is gone. Commitment is a decision to stick with a project, idea, relationship, or goal – even when it’s not easyThe current COVID pandemic has created great uncertainty, elevated stress and anxiety, and prompted tunnel vision, in which people focus only on the present rather than toward the future.  At this time, the SCVA would like to look to the future and recommit our services, knowledge, and organization to all of our customers.  We, the staff, know that this process may not be easy or comfortable, at times; however, we are determined to work together and navigate toward discovering the “new normal” in the sport that we all love.  Below are some of the steps that the staff will work toward accomplishing

1. Improved communication with our customers.

a. The SCVA is working with ASC on improving the incoming phone lines to the SCVA offices. 

b. The staff at the SCVA will improve email response time.

c. The website will be updated with current dates and information.

d. The SCVA will begin hosting “town hall meetings” using the Zoom app.  There will be meetings for the club directors and/or representatives for the junior girls' program, the junior boy's program, and the official's division.

2. Customer support with the new SportsEngine registration system.  The SCVA will help teach, guide, and assist all club directors, coaches, athletes, and families during this conversion to a new online system.  Phone calls, emails, tutorial videos, and Zoom calls may all be used during this process.

3. The SCVA will be increasing the number of facilities used during the season to help keep some teams closer to home, and to lower the “footprints” left at each facility.  During the negotiations with all facilities, the SCVA will attempt to limit the cost of parking and admission.  In addition, the SCVA and facility will have safety requirements and protocols in place to help protect the attendees, and help control the spread of COVID and other viruses.

4. The SCVA is currently working on updating payment options for clubs.

5. The SCVA is modifying the tournament formats for both the junior girl's program and the junior boy's program.

6. The SCVA will continue to refund clubs for events that were canceled due to COVID.

The SCVA will release schedules for the 2020-2021 season for both the junior boy's program and the junior girl's program.  The SCVA will remain hopeful that these events can take place as scheduled.  If COVID continues to force the closure of facilities and/or the cancellation of events, the SCVA will refund submitted refunds within four weeks of the event.  The SCVA will also reschedule or create new events in an attempt to return our athletes to the court.  Finally, the SCVA will be working in conjunction with the PVL to provide a competitive schedule for our top-level girls’ teams.  The creation of this new girls’ league and format, will not disrupt the SCVA Qualifying events, Mandatories, and/or SoCal Championships.

The SCVA continues to ask that all of our club directors, coaches, and athletes participate in a safe environment, and take all precautions necessary to ensure the safety of all.  We hope that all of our clubs, coaches, athletes, and families are able to return to the sport when permitted.  Stay safe.  Stay healthy; both physically and mentally!

Thank you,

SCVA Staff

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