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SCVA Season Update 4/28/20

To All Club Directors, Parents, Families, and Members of SCVA:  Our thoughts are with all of you during this difficult and unprecedented time. Our club volleyball community and, indeed, the world itself are navigating the challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. The SCVA is striving to meet these challenges in myriad ways to provide as much continued service and activity for our athletes and families. We thank you for the support we have received thus far, and for the encouragement and positivity we have received even in the face of this global event.

We have received questions from families regarding club fees and club refunds. We are urging all SCVA clubs to be as transparent as possible in all things they are dealing with, including financials. Here are some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions so you all have further info:  1. Will the SCVA cancel the season?

At this point cancellation decisions are premature. We are assessing information that comes in daily and working with our vendors and facilities to have plans and contingency plans, and working diligently. We will also take health and safety recommendations by USA Volleyball and any pertinent government agencies into significant account. No decision will be made lightly. At this time the Red Rock Rave has been rescheduled and we intend to host this tournament, as well as other postponed SCVA events. This could change, but at this time we are not outright cancelling any of our events.

2. Will there be some form of a refund given back to families by clubs?

It is possible that some form of a refund will come to families from clubs, but every club is built differently and we cannot comment on your club specifically. We encourage you to communicate with your club leadership, if they have not yet proactively communicated with you already. What we can say is that refund distribution, if applicable, and the size of the refund does, however, depend upon the club you play for not to mention a number of other factors – and many of those factors do not have clear answers yet. It will take for time for clubs to finalize any and all of their go-forward plans, including refunds, if applicable.

3. Why are clubs still charging/billing monthly amounts?

Please refer to your specific club’s player agreement/contract. The majority of families playing club volleyball for this season have already finalized their payments and paid in full for the season. Many clubs do offer extended payment plans. These are not monthly service charges – these are payment plans for dollars committed to be paid at the start of the club season; for most clubs, payment plans are a courtesy offered instead of collecting all fees largely up front, spreading out payments to help families, and families are still committed to paying these amounts. Clubs are within their right to continue charging monthly amounts for extended payment plans – you are also within your right to contact your club to discuss your current payment plan schedule. If you have genuine need to adjust your current payment plan as a result of this pandemic, we are confident clubs will work with you on that on case-by-case basis. Also, as mentioned above, there is an expectation that clubs will provide refunds of some kind at some point. While these refunds should be considered independent of any monthly payments, as soon as these refunds are finalized, clubs would likely be willing to credit against future payments that are to be made or, if there is overage, actual monies will be refunded to families.

It will take time to analyze everything and weave all of these variables together – both on the part of SCVA, as well as the clubs themselves. We are working diligently on your behalf and will continue to monitor and assess the situation. We encourage you to communicate your comments, questions, and concerns directly with your clubs. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through all the difficulties surrounding this. Thank you for your consideration and we hope you stay healthy through these difficult times.

Shannon Davenport

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