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SCVA 2020 Season Update

Dear Club Directors,   

Thank you for your email expressing your concerns and requests.  As we all know, the status and conditions are changing on a daily basis.  The SCVA offices are closed as with any other “non-essential-businesses.”  I will do my best to keep communications lines open with the club directors.  At this time, the SCVA is attempting to salvage what remains of the 2019-2020 junior club season.  However, this will only occur IF it is in a safe and approved environment.  The SCVA will not go against orders issued by governing bodies.  The following is what I know today:

1. The remaining events in April have now been added to the postponement list.  Thus, the following events are to be rescheduled: a. Girls 12s – Mandatory 2 – Saturday, March 21st b. Girls 13s – Mandatory 2 – Sunday, March 22nd c. Girls 14s – Mandatory 2 – Saturday or Sunday, March 21st or 22nd d. Boys 12s – Points Tournament – Saturday, March 21st e. Boys 14s – Points Tournament – Saturday, March 21st f. Girls 16s – Mandatory 2 – Saturday, April 18th g. Girls 18s – Mandatory 3 – Saturday, April 18th or Sunday, April, 19th h. Girls 15s – Mandatory 2 – Sunday, April; 19th i. Girls 14s – Mandatory 3 – Saturday, April 25th j. Girls 13s – Mandatory 3 – Sunday, April 26th k. Girls 17s – Mandatory 3 – Sunday, April 26th

2. The SCVA is currently looking at stacking theses postponed events on the same days: one age division would play in the morning wave, while another played in the afternoon. 

3. At this time, the SCVA has no intention of extending the season into July.

4. The SCVA has no information of the status of the Girls 18s National Championships scheduled for May 1st – 3rd in Reno, Nevada

5. The CDC recommended that gatherings of 50 people or more not take place for the next 8 weeks.  The Red Rock Rave Revived falls within those 8 weeks.  The current status of the Red Rock Rave is in question at this time.  The SCVA is hoping to have more information to all club directors by the end of this week.  In regards to the events in Las Vegas, the SCVA will not move forward until KC Sports Housing and the MGM properties are on board and prepared for the release of information.

6. The SCVA has no information on how the bids will be awarded for the slots at the Girls Junior National Championships in Dallas.

I did see the mention of giving the club directors time to process information, prior to the SCVA releasing it to parents.  In moving forward, the SCVA will email all of the club directors first, and then state a time, in which the information will be released to parents and/or posted on our website.  Thank you, Shannon Davenport Director of Operations 714-917-3595 ext. 3598

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