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Scrimmages For NU Breed Teams 1/21/21

Below is the scrimmage schedule for our NU Breed teams. The scrimmages will happen at our training site at the Plaza. We will be scrimmaging Club Whiplash from Hanford, CA.

We are excited to compete against another club team to practice what we have learned in a game-like situation. The scrimmages will prepare us for our upcoming tournament in Fresno, CA.

Your athlete may be a bit nervous because they know this is important in their development.

You can help limit their nervousness if they bring it up by being positive. Let your athlete know that mistakes are part of growth and not a measure of their value. Also, frame the scrimmage as a practice that helps them do what they have done thousands of times in preparation, nothing more.

Please bring a lawn chair and a warm blanket and cheer your athlete as they play. We ask that you be aware of healthy spacing as you watch with other parents.

Lastly, please say "thank you" to our guests. They are traveling a distance to help us be our best.

Thank you, and we look forward to a tremendous scrimmage experience.

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