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Scrimmage Update - 4/14/21

Hi Everyone, here is the scrimmage for this week at McDermontX. It includes a note for Janá about some minor changes to our schedule. We never stop working to give our NU Breed family the best training we can.

We need to change the times just a little bit due to some teams not being able to make it from whiplash and crush. (Janá)


12's Ct1 6-7 pm (Crush 12's)

14's Ct1 & 2 7-8 pm (Crush 14's & Whiplash)

18's Practice 8 - 9 pm


16's Ct1 6-7:30 pm (Whiplash)

17's Ct2 6-7:30 pm (Crush 17's)

18's Ct1 7:30-9 pm (Crush 17's)

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