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Updated: Aug 25, 2020

NU Breed is excited to announce our Road Home Program. We are pleased with a growing movement of people who want to return to Volleyball training's original flame with the NU Breed coaches.

NU Breed is a disciplined, fast-paced, and demanding practice full of meaningful challenges-"No one will work harder, but no one will have as much fun."

We have dedicated coaches who love the sport of volleyball. They love to teach the game and see their athletes improve. The coaches have strong communication skills and operate by values and principles. So you can expect consistency.

Our work ethic as coaches is extraordinary. As we say with conviction, "no one will outwork us." We do a lot in less time that helps athletes improve and have fun doing it. As they progress, their self-confidence grows.

Our Road Home Program offers some benefits that will make your decision to join NU Breed easy. See how you can get $50.00 to $100.00 

Contact us right now for more details at or connect with her at (562) 413-5695.

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