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Rewrite The Christmas Story, A Better Story

We often set out to write a paper for an assignment, and we make many revisions before we turn it in. Then the teacher returns it with corrections or suggestions. After many rewrites, the story is much different from the original draft. It is always better than the first draft.

Sylvester Stallone wrote and was the lead character in the movie Rocky. The original script had Rocky throwing the fight against Appolo for money to buy Adrain a pet store.

In the Star Wars series, the third movie was first called Revenge of the Jedi but changed to Return of the Jedi. But the most significant change was Hands Solo was to die, but George Lucas thought it would hurt merchandise sales. The story was rewritten to what we watched on the big screen.

Both stories ended up better than the original script.

As we celebrate Christmas, I am reminded that the Savior or the Wolrd, Jesus entered into the messy world to rewrite the human story.

The people of God were living in oppressed conditions by a demanding foreign power. They lacked justice and fairness. Add to it that the leaders of God's people had lost the headline story about God. It was a sad moment in human history.

Jesus stepped into the human narrative one life at a time by His grace and mercy. He came to save us from ourselves and the bad decisions we make that make a mess of our lives.

He came to restore broken relationships. Help people stop the harm of alcoholism, drugs, and anger. He came to help those dealing with depression.

Some of you know too well where your story might have ended had it not changed. There are times we see someone on the street hurting, and we whisper to ourselves, "only by the grace of God go I."

As we celebrate Christmas 2020, lets us make space for the Saviour into our story so He can write a better one over the scars of 2020.

Read the words of the ancient writer Titus who tells us this story.

"When the extraordinary compassion of God our Savior and his overpowering love suddenly appeared in person,

as the brightness of a dawning day, he came to save us.

Not because of any virtuous deed that we have done but only because of his extravagant mercy. He saved us,

resurrecting us through the washing of rebirth. We are made completely new by the Holy Spirit, whom he splashed over us richly by Jesus, the Messiah, our Life-Giver.

So as a gift of his love, and since we are faultless innocent before his face—we can now become heirs of all things, all because of an overflowing hope of eternal life. How true and faithful is this message!" Titus 3:4-8

Merry Christmas!

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