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RESCUE: Markers Of Hope

The 2021 club volleyball season has turned into a rescue operation. It didn't start that way. Let me explain.

I recently took a personality test to see what motivates me. This test showed what others before have shown; I thrive in adversity. The greater the challenge, the more excited I become.

That's who I am.

There is some positive to this approach to life but also some downside—storytime.

Years ago, I was on this national leadership group, and we had meetings in different parts of the country. One gathering was Seal Beach, CA. We were at the Blue Lantern Hotel, and my room had a beautiful ocean view.

I walked out to the balcony and saw people running up this steep hill. It called my name. My roommate said, "you're thinking about running it, arent' you?" "Yes," I said.

I went to my meeting, but in my mind, I was breaking down how I would run the hill to make it to the top without stopping. On our break, I went outside and looked at the mountain. My roommate followed me and said, "you can't stop thinking about it, huh?" Long story short, I woke up at 4 AM to face my self imposed challenge. I felt alive.

You see, this is my filter for life, and it's okay. But the shortsightedness of it is I think everyone should face life the same way. It's not true and a flaw in my view of reality.

This view was my approach to 2020, but it was not for everyone. I didn't see that while I was thriving, others were barely surviving. They could not see themselves running the hill, let alone see themselves at the top. It's not wrong, just different.

As people reached out for help, I realized that people were struggling with depression and the fear of uncertainty. Add to this the political chaos and the endless sky's falling news about the virus.

People were stuck in the past and present, unable to move into the future. The moment that I realized this reality, that's the day NU Breed Volleyball became a rescue operation.

Every time we reached out to someone stuck in the past and help them step into their future, it becomes a rescue effort.

NU Breed family, what we are doing is more prominent than getting better at volleyball. We are helping people step into a better future.

The day you joined NU Breed, you stepped into the future. Only then can you reach back and help pull others trapped in fear to step into their future too.

The day you joined NU breed, you became a marker of hope that the future is real. Understand, every time you tell people about NU Breed or tell them about the raffle tickets, you set markers of hope that the future exists.

God has blessed us with the intention of us being a blessing to others. Well done, Tribe, well done.

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