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Reno Notes 2021

We had a wonderful time at Reno Far Western Regional playing against top-level teams. Our two teams did well overall, and we saw some great plays from players that elevated their teams.

We loved the wars that we saw on the court birthed in the athlete's passion for playing the game. We saw their skills tested and faith in themselves grow.

It was fun to hear the roar of the crowd on each play.

We want to highlight one play of many that we could write about, which happened in the seventeens game in a challenge match against a team that beat them the day before. We shanked the ball, and our players went pursued the ball twenty feet outside of the court. It is this no-quit effort that reflects the spirit of NU Breed Volleyball.

Thank you to the parents as you continue to be amazing. It was fun to cheer alongside you.

We want to notice Janá for her work to make for a good weekend of play. Many of you do not know the many calls and emails needed to make everything work smoothly.

Thank you, Lorena Leon, for finding affordable housing for us all.

NCVA did an excellent job with the Far Western Regional Tournament.

I am looking forward to our tournament in June, but we will keep working to make NU Breed the rumor of something good.

We are NU Breed.

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