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Reflections of Our First Tournament

We started our Fresno Heat Tournament season, and it was fun to watch the athletes play well.

They said they were nervous at first in a debrief but then enjoyed playing and remembered their training.

Some of them said they learned about talking more, which came easier with each game. A 12's said the team passed and served well.

These comments are excellent and show they are learning the keys to becoming good volleyball players.

It showed what parts of the sport went well and what needs to improve from a coaching view. The coaches zeroed in on those skills in our practice last night.

I agree with a parent who said, "They are playing well and we can't believe

how much they improve." Other parents have made kind comments on social media too. Of course, these comments are a warm welcome.

We will only get better as the season continues, and your athlete will make your heart smile many times while on the court.

Thank you, parents and athletes, for the trust to teach you the sport of volleyball.

Photo credits: Ralene Clower

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