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Recognizing the Backbone of Our Club Season: Janá, Donna, and Sai's Unwavering Dedication.

We are incredibly grateful for Janá's tireless efforts in getting our teams registered and prepared for the upcoming club season. Janá's dedication and hard work behind the scenes have been nothing short of remarkable, and we genuinely appreciate the invisible hours she has poured into making this upcoming season a success.

Janá, Donna, and Sai have been instrumental in creating the best possible club experience for all involved. Their commitment and passion for the sport and the well-being of our teams have not gone unnoticed. Their countless hours dedicated to planning, organizing, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly have been invaluable.

It's essential to recognize that perfection is not attainable, but what truly matters is our willingness to acknowledge our missteps and take proactive steps to correct them. We understand the significance of learning from our mistakes and continually striving to improve, which we deeply value as an organization.

As we look forward to the upcoming club season, gratitude grips us for the unwavering support and hard work of Janá, Donna, and Sai. Their dedication has laid the foundation for a successful season and fostered a sense of unity and community within our teams. We are truly fortunate to have such dedicated individuals on our side, and we are committed to working alongside them to make this season a memorable and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

They have spent tireless hours integrating and upgrading our internal digital membership systems with minor anomalies.

Truth: I received a text from Donna at 2:21 AM as she diligently worked to improve our services. I have similar stories about Sai and Janá, too. I am amazed at the committed team we have.

We are NU Breed, the rumor of something good.

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