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Updated: Aug 18, 2020

The Case For NU Breed Volleyball Club

Here is the inside scoop on why NU Breed is the solution to your frustration with volleyball clubs.

In a few weeks, you will be choosing which volleyball club you will join. Several factors will influence your decision. Some considerations are personal. While the value, the expectations, and your overall experience also factor into your decision. I want to give you some reasons why NU Breed is the best choice to make when deciding to join a volleyball club.

Recognize that choosing to play for NU Breed is not a one-year decision; it is a fifty-year decision. It's a decision that affects how your athlete will spend the rest of their life. The discipline, work ethic and resiliency they build that will serve them for a lifetime. Our success will not only be measures by how well they play volleyball but the good people they become. 

First, we are passionate about the sport and love to coach. Our passion is revealed in the joy we experience in teaching others that game we love. We have experienced coaches that know how to teach the skills of the sport as well as strategy. We teach Mental Mastery tools to help athletes build confidence. One concept is knowing the difference between a "Practice Mindset" and a "Game Mindset" and when to use them.

Second, because we love the sport of volleyball, we are willing to work hard. We often say a truth statement, "no one will outwork us." As coaches, we commit to working away from the court, so we are prepared for each practice.

Third, our practices are legendary because of our preparation and intensity. We are efficient in executing our practice plans. Yes, our training methods are demanding, as we like to say, "We go to war every practice."

Another reason to choose NU Breed is we teach each athlete all the skills of volleyball. The more skills they know, the more they can offer a team. We teach setting, serving, blocking, hitting, and passing as skills. The evolution of the sport makes it essential that athletes are proficient at each skill. They will be required to perform those skills in competition. It may not be their primary position, but its a role each must play.

The next reason to consider NU Breed is that we value discipline and a process-based mindset. We honor the struggle of improving. Athletes grow strong physically and emotionally when they face resistance. They build resiliency, which is key to success in sports and life. You play to be trained and not to play. Playing time is earned in practice and decided by the coach. We have three rules to follow at NU Breed:

Be at practice.

Be on time.

Be productive.

We do not have parent meetings to discuss playing time. We strictly enforce this policy.

Our training facilities are excellent. We partner with McDermont X to provide a clean and safe place to practice. We encourage parents to use the gym to exercise to stay healthy.

We have teams for players 12-18 years of age and skill level. Our VolleyTots program is a popular development program for ages five through ten years of age. We will make them better.

NU Breed plays in SCVA, NCAV, JVA, and AAU sponsored tournaments. We play in major tournaments that help expose athletes that want to play at a collegiate level. We compete against the best athletes in the sport.

Coach Job has connections and friendships with coaches from Junior College to Division I. He has conversations with them to learn, grow, and help promote athletes that want to play in college.

He has interviewed some of the best female collegiate and professional volleyball players. You can listen to the podcast on our website:

We work hard to keep you informed. Janá, our administrator, is consistent and timely in updating our NU Breed family. We receive compliments on our communication practices. We hope you will consider this reason enough to join NU Breed Volleyball.

One more reason to play for NU Breed is the value of the experience you receive for your club fees. We can structure your payments to fit your budget. We make it affordable. We believe you too will join other happy families that say playing for NU Breed is money well spent.

We use a Professional Tax and Accounting business to audit our finances. You can be confident that we do business with integrity. All expenditures are documented and used as intended.

A final reason to consider joining the NU Breed Tribe is that we are drama free. We lack patience for individuals who need stress in their lives. We want NU Breed to be an excellent experience for everyone.

Thank you for considering joining NU Breed Volleyball Club. We gave you reasons why NU Breed is the solution to your frustration in finding a place where your athlete will grow in their passion for the sport of volleyball, grow in their skill and grow in their confidence. A club where they feel like they belong.

No one will train harder, but no one will have as much fun.

The next step most people take is contact NU Breed at or (562)