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Queen Trigger, Burger King Crowns

"Trigger, the only difference between suffering and learning is the story you tell yourself, I told Her.

Triggers' eyes didn't blink. They stared at an unknown future. Sometimes it seems easier to live with a known hell than risk stepping into unknown heaven.

Trigger made a choice that disrupted her life, making her future more challenging but one of the greatest blessings.

She gave birth to her handsome son, Mason. This beautiful event changed how she looked to the future. She wanted to continue her education and volleyball career in college. She doubted her ability to do both.

Trigger knew it would be a challenge she never planned to face. In short, our discussion turned to what she would gain in the struggle to build her future.

She attended the University of Maine at Forst Kent and graduated with honors. She played volleyball and often taking her son to practices. Her team did well at the National tournament.

The Burger King crown, What part does the crown play in the story? Well, I said that I was confident she would graduate and play volleyball despite the struggle. I had her sign it and said I would return this to her when she graduated. I had the honor of returning the crown to her yesterday at NU Breed VolleyTot practice. Shes, our VolleyTot coach, when her schedule permits.

The crown was a symbol of the royal Aztec blood flowing through veins, and her story would inspire other young Latin Princesses. Her signature meant she has value; she is somebody.

Today, she is a nurse and has plans to buy a home and expand her career horizons. She is building the future she imagined but had to take a different path.

I told her, "Trigger, you can do this; the only difference between suffering and learning is the story you tell yourself."

"Be a good storyteller, Trigger. Tell yourself better stories and I'll give this back to you when you graduate," I said.

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