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Put In Courage

Encouragement is the best material to build someone up and shape their inner world.

A large part of our human story is finding out where we fit in this world. We don't have to fit into the 8 billion people that exist but in just a few.

If we feel like we don't fit in with anyone, we feel alone. But if we think one person loves us, the entire planet is lovely.

Your view of humanity will be the filter of relationships in your life.

This article focuses on the one ingredient that makes relationships great, and that is encouragement. The word encouragement means to "put courage into someone." So when you put encourage someone, you put courage into them.

When someone encourages you, it means someone got inside your soul and pulled out fear and doubt and put in courage.

Have you ever notice specific individuals are people magnets? They attract people easily. It is because they are so encouraging that they build people up when they are near them.

At NU Breed, we understand that people desperately want someone to build them up in courage, so we intentionally find them doing something good and praising them.

I am convinced that people want to join NU Breed because they feel more around us and smaller when away from us as athletes.

All our coaches know that we have the power to love and build athletes up, and that's enough power to change a junior athlete's world.

NU Breed believes that you are more than you know.

We are NU Breed the rumor of something good.

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