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Put Him In Jail, And Toss Away The Key

The Match Point Podcast is excited to have Coach Kurt Hines as our guest this weekend.

Coach Kurt Hines has been coaching high school football for 20+ years. He is passionate about empowering those he coaches, coaches with, and all those he has connected with – personally and digitally.

Please get to know Coach Hines as we read from his website.

Having coached high school football for over 20+ years now (on both the east and west coast), I have found that football (no matter where you are) is so much like life… It’s all about connecting with, working with, and empowering those around you! My passion (my WHY), is to do just that… To work with individuals, teams, and businesses, to create winning cultures, and to EMPOWER those I work with, to do, be, and to accomplish more than they ever thought possible!

When I first started coaching, I knew what I knew as a player but felt overwhelmed as a coach. I was blessed to be mentored by some great coaches (and learn from some “not so great” coaches), as what not to do, but as the years went by, and as my experiences increased, my entire philosophy about coaching changed.

I learned very early on that great coaching (in my opinion) has so little to do with the players and SO MUCH to do with people! To me, this is true in sports, business, family, and in all of life…. It’s always about people!

As a husband (married to my best friend for 25 years now), a father of four exceptional children, and now two amazing grandsons, I realize how blessed I am to have the platform I have as a husband, father, and grandfather!

I’ve always viewed my platform as a coach to be one that encompasses not only those I am blessed to coach, but those I coach with, and so many amazing people along the way!

My family has been by my side since day one, and they are still by my side to this very day; and as the social media “universe” opened up, I have now realized that my reach (as is with all of our reaches), truly has no end.

It is my goal, passion, and my WHY, to EMPOWER as many people as I can through this great sport I’ve been called to coach!

Watch and listen to our conversation with Coach Hines as we start talking about the young man who tackled a referee after having been ejected from a football game. Some people have said, "put him in jail and throw away the key." Others have been more charitable, but what is the best approach toward an athlete that makes a bad choice?" Join this discussion as we may be facing more athletes adveresly affcted by the pandemic. Will you be prepared to handle N thlete at their worst moment? Coach Kurt has a perpsective that will be helpful.

We look forward to having you join our conversation. Watch for updates.