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Procrastination Is Healthy, Use it!

In this article, I want to help us think differently about procrastination and wanting to be more motivated. Motivation is not as helpful as we tend to think.

Start by accepting that everyone struggles with procrastination at one time or another. All of us have felt the sting of disappointment when we do not get things done. The feelings of procrastination grow, so we turn to some cheap pleasure as a distraction. It is like being on a rocking chair, moving but going nowhere.

Next, stop fighting procrastination and learn to use it. Procrastination is the mind expressing a natural desire of curiosity. It is our imagination wanting to expand and explore. Being curious is what brings about some of the greatest inventions. However, just because we feel it does not mean we need to act on them.

By rethinking procrastination as an ordinary human struggle and a healthy expression of the curiosity of our mind, it becomes a neutral event that we have power over. We strip the control it once had and return it to us. We get to decide what to do with it, and it is under our control. We become productive by focussing on what we can control and not on what we cannot control.

Another side benefit is that it reduces the stress of knowing that we are operating under our ability. How many of us have said to ourselves, "I am better than this?"

Lastly, stop relying on motivation as the answer to being productive. Motivation is a short term feeling. You want to think of a long-term solution. Be transformed by renewing your mind and design a mindset that develops habits that will make you fruitful.

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