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Practice Starts Today!

Hello Everyone,

NU Breed Volleyball Club starts this week!!! We all know this season is going to be different. We are doing our best to do whatever we can to get these girls playing! Is it perfect? Nope! But we are giving it our all and making it the best we can. We thank you for your patience and flexibility.

It is outdoors on grass, so wear appropriate shoe wear. Temperature checks and hand sanitizing is a must. There will be a designated area to place your backpacks and water bottle. Bring your water, and do not share.

This schedule will be for THIS WEEK ONLY!


Monday & Wednesday 6-7 pm


Tuesday & Thursday 6-7 pm


Monday-Thursday 7-8 pm


Monday-Thursday 8-9 pm

Coach Job’s House

320 E. Alameda St.

Lindsay, CA 93247

Next week will be at a new outside location in Lindsay and set times (fingers crossed). It’s a bigger area and more light! We will be there till McDermont opens. Please let me know if you have any questions!

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