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Practice, HS Vball, & Sports Pack Update

As the weather is becoming cold, we are looking for dryer and warmer places to practice. We do have a place for our VTots and 12's for Wednesdays in Porterville.

We hope that now that we have passed the election cycle and Pfster and BioNTech announcing an effective vaccine, they will reopenMcDermontX.

If anyone knows of any options, please tell Coach Job or Janá.

High School Volleyball

Several local high schools have started conditioning programs for fall sports, which includes volleyball. You can expect a decision shortly.

The original plan has a high school volleyball season in December through mid-February. CIF will allow club athletes to play on their high school teams this year.

If the high school season happens, we will adapt our practices to allow athletes to play both.

Sports Gear Update

Janá and I will be picking up our Smack Sports gear tomorrow. Janá will hand out the sports pack and will let you know the details. They look so good, and I know you will agree. Janá got a smashing kill on our gear choice.

We have received confirmation on the Las Vegas, Reno, and Long Beach tournaments for our 17's and 18's team. You can go to our website for online payment.

A "stay and play" policy is in effect for the Vegas and Reno tournaments. The rule means that athletes and parents must register for a hotel approved by the tournament host SCVA and NCVA.

12's, 14's and 16's First Tournament- UPDATE

Our 12's, 14's, and 16's team will play on January 31, 2021, in Fresno. The location is yet to be determined.

We want to add some athletes to both the 12's and 14's team so let people know spots are available.

Thank you in advance for helping make NU Breed Volleyball the best it can be.

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