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People Are Stealing From NU Breed

People are stealing from Pipeline-NU Breed volleyball and I'm happy.

Someone told me another club was coping with what Pipeline-NU Breed is doing. I said, "that's good. If it elevates volleyball, I hope our ideas are good enough to steal—that means we are doing something right."

I will never forget that we do this about the athletes and their improvement.

We want NU Breed to be a vanguard in local volleyball as we are setting a pattern for others to follow. Why would you not work to be the best you can be?

A desire to be our best among the best is not about bragging rights. It's about our commitment to work hard to provide the highest quality of training we can do. I never want to be a part of something that settled for mediocrity.

We make no apologies for wanting to be the best. I don't believe the athletes and parents that join Pipeline-NU Breed want us to be anything than our best. 

If someone else is doing something that will improve what we do or who we are. I will harvest those ideas and make them part of NU Breed Volleyball.

Let them steal!

See you at Tryouts!

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