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Our Act Of Defiance

The Unbroken/NU Breed t-shirt tells the NU Breed story. It captures the soul of NU Breed.

The genesis of NU Breed was three years ago when as a club, we faced many challenges and obstacles.

This creative piece is an act of defiance.

The creative piece tells the NU Breed story in two words. We are NU Breed and will always be unbroken.

Talk about us, unbroken.

Intense practice, unbroken.

Steal our athletes, unbroken.

Do dumb stuff, unbroken.

Come hell or high water, unbroken.

COVID -19, unbroken

We are NU Breed, unbroken.

Rachel Platten has her fight Song; NU Breed has our fight t-shirt.

This spirit of defiance to any meaningful challenge is the soul of the NU Breed training for our athletes.

This t-shirt will be available soon. Wear it proudly. Wear it loud.

This t-shirt is your act of defiance to whatever challenge you face in this world; you are NU Breed, unbroken.

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