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Our 14's Team And Coaches Are Awesome

Last night I had so much fun working with our 14's Team. A parent commented on how much they are learning the game. I agreed, and I see the positive influence Coach Brandy and Coach Jessica have on the athletes. Two excellent coaches.

It was amazing to see how they improved on their defensive and attacking footwork. Defensively, the girls are smooth in their movements and stayed low. Their passing form is solid.

Were they perfect? No, but they had a perfect response to every play. Regardless of how good or bad the pass or hit was, they asked to do it again. The girls repeated the skill until they got better.

The smile on the athlete's faces is rewarding. I reminded that our reward as coaches is seeing an athlete be proud of doing something well.

We have a few spots open for people to claim to join this team and learn from Coach Brandy and Coach Jessica.

Thank you, ladies, for such a fun time training you last night.

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